Subprojects: gpesyncd

Function To synchronise PIM data the gpesyncd acts as an agent to transform vCards, vEvents, vTtodo and iCals to the apropriate format in the SQLite database and vice versa.
Coordinator(s) The coordinator for this project is Martin Felis ( If you want to contribute to this project, please contact him directly.

The source code can be found in SVN, module base/gpesyncd.

Distributions known to ship gpesyncd are:

gpesyncd is distributed under the GPL.


gpesyncd is used to export and import PIM data either to stdout or over tcp/ip.

The gpesyncd can also be seen as a frontend to the libgpevtype which does all the conversion. Through this new fields in the PIM data can easily be added for ex- and importing and the results are the same as with exporting from gpe-calendar, gpe-todo etc.

You can also use it as a command line tool to access all the PIM data. Simply run gpesyncd --help or enter HELP after starting it.

Project History
  • Started 2005 by Martin Felis