Function The sketchbook application is used to create and manage sketches. Its major use is to note information in a fast and efficient way on devices with touchscreen. gpe-sketchbook has an easy to use and very scalable user interface supporting arbitary sketch sizes, multiple colours and pen sizes. .png" border="0" alt="Screenshot">
Coordinator(s) The coordinator for the gpe-sketchbook sub-project is Luc Pionchon ( If you want to contribute to this project, please contact him directly.

gpe-sketchbook is considered to be stable for daily use and maintained actively.

The source code can be found in SVN, module base/.

Distributions known to ship are:

is distributed under the GPL.


The application saves sketches in the common PNG format in the fielsystem. Metadata describing the sketches is saved in a SQLite table. There are several nice suggestions to extend the capabilities of gpe-sketchbook such as introducing a vector file format and integrate voice notes for devices with microphone/speaker (see the gpe-soundbite project), and also simple text notes.

Project History
  • 2002 Project started by Luc Pionchon