Function gpe-gallery is a small application for viewing images. It is intended to show small and medium sized images and is able to display a slide show and to perform several simple operations with the images. Screenshot
Coordinator(s) The coordinators for this sub-project are Philip Blundell ( and Florian Boor ( If you want to contribute to this project, please contact the coordinators or the GPE mailinglist.

gpe-gallery is stable but would like to get updated a little bit.

The source code can be found in SVN, module base/.

Distributions known to ship are:

is distributed under the GPL.


gpe-gallery makes use of GTK and GDK image handling functions. The ability to load a particulat graphic file format depends on the available gdk-pixbuf loader plugins.

Project History
  • 2001 Project started by Damien Tanner
  • 2004-2005 Improved and maintained by Philip Blundell and Florian Boor