Function gpe-filemanager is a simple file manager for GPE. It is able to perform the basic file operations such as copy, delete and move as well as launching applications using the MIME-type of files to determine the correct handler application for a file. It makes use of the DBus services provided by gpe-bluetooth and gpe-beam to transmit files via Bluetooth or IrDa. Screenshot
Coordinator(s) The coordinators for this sub-project are Damien Tanner ( and Florian Boor ( If you want to contribute to this project, please contact the coordinators or the GPE mailinglist.

gpe-filemanager is stable for production use and actively maintained.

The source code can be found in SVN, module base/.

Distributions known to ship are:

is distributed under the GPL.


gpe-filemanager makes use of the gnome virtual filesystem. This layer allows the application to access a set of very powerful file access functions as well as a variety of filesystem backends. This makes it possible to access remote files through network connections such as FTP, SMB or SSH. It implements specified mime type identification and application selection so that gpe-filemanager is able to launch applications associated to a certain file type.
The user interface is designed to scale from small portrait mode PDA displays (QVGA, 240x320) up to resolutions typical for web pads and notebooks.

Project History
  • 2001 gpe-filemanager started by Damien Tanner
  • 2003 switched to gnome-vfs as filesystem backend.
  • 2004 Major function enhancements and usability improvements.