Subprojects: GPE-What

Interactive Help
Function The GPE user interface is heavily icon-oriented, and it is not always completely obvious what the exact effect of each button is going to be. On a desktop system this would be dealt with by "mouse-over" tooltips, but these do not really work when your pointing device is a stylus. GPE-What provides an alternative mechanism for interactive help. Screenshot
Coordinator The coordinator for this sub-project is Philip Blundell ( If you want to contribute to this project, please contact him directly.

The source code can be found in SVN, module base/gpe-what.

Distributions known to ship gpe-what are:

gpe-what is distributed under the GPL.

GPE-what implements a modal help system for the GPE environment. It provides a "help" icon in the dock panel.

When this icon is clicked, the system enters "help mode"; normal UI is suspended, and the next mouse click selects the widget for which help is wanted. The help text, if available, is displayed in a small pop-up bubble. This mechanism much much more useful for touchscreen use compared to the "mouse-over" tooltips known from a desktop PC.