This program allows short voice messages to be recorded and played back through the PDA's internal audio system. The libgsm codec library is used to compress the data for storage.

Obviously, on the iPAQ, the record button should start and stop recording.

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Coordinator(s) Moray Allan is currently maintaing this module. If you want to contribute please contact the maintainer or the GPE mailinglist.

The source code can be found in SVN, module base/.

Distributions known to ship are:

is distributed under the GPL.


The used GSM encoder/decoder library allows a very space efficient and low CPU power consuming record and playback of voice notes.

It would be nice if this was integrated with other programs (e.g. gpe-todo), so that audio notes can easily be associated with the other data they're relevant to.

Project History
  • 2002 Project started by Philip Blundell
  • 2002 Developed by Moray Allan