GPE Calendar stores and manages scheduled events. A number of views are available including an day, week and month overview as well as a summary of upcoming events. Events can be placed in a calendar and basic support for synchronization (specifically, downloading iCalendar files, .ics, using http or webdav and uploading using webdav) is included. It is also possible to beam entries via IrDA and Bluetooth. GPE Calendar includes support for recurring events, all-day events and the ability to associate an alarm with an event.


GPE Calendar is stable and functional for daily use. The user interface is scalable and supports screens from small PDA portrait displays up to common PC screen sizes. Apart from GPE, GPE Calendar has been ported to the Hildon UI framework used on the Nokia 770.

The source code can be found in SVN, module gpe-calendar. Precompiled binaries are available for iPAQ in the Familiar unstable feed and for the Nokia 770.

Additional information can be found in the wiki. Inquiries regarding GPE Calendar should be made to gpe-list@linuxtogo.org. Please file bugs and feature requests in our bugzilla.

User interface

Single-day view Week view Month view New appointment entry