Subprojects: GPE-Appmgr


The application manager is the main window of the PDA. It allows to start-up applications and offers a kind of start-menu. Any application that a user should be able to access should also be available through the application manager. Every application has to provide a name and an icon to be displayed. Applications are sorted into different categories so that finding them is easier. This is done by using 'tabs', much like those in dialog boxes in many GUIs.

GPE-Appmgr uses desktop files like known from Gnome and KDE. It is able to deal with single- and multi instance applications as well as different screen sizes. The screenshot shows it in a mode used for devices with screens of 640x480 pixels and above.

Coordinator(s) The coordinators for this sub-project are Robert Mibus ( and Philip Blundell ( If you want to contribute to this project, please contact the coordinators or the GPE mailinglist.

The source code can be found in SVN, module base/gpe-appmgr.

Distributions known to ship GPE-Appmgr are:

GPE-Appmgr is distributed under the GPL.

Project History
  • Started 2002 by Robert Mibus
  • Maintained by Philip Blundell since 2004