Subprojects: GPE-Contacts

Function GPE-Contacts is a simple but flexible personbal contacts manager. It stores contact details such as addresses and is able to categorize them. It has a very scalable user interface supporting a wide variety of target devices. GPE-Contacts uses DBUS to connect to service provider applications (GPE-Beam and GPE-Bluetooth) to provide IrDA (IrOBEX) and Bluetooth (BtOBEX) support for beaming them in vCard format. The application supports both plain GTK and the Maemo software environments. Screenshot
Coordinators The coordinators for this sub-project are Philip Blundell ( and Florian Boor ( If you want to contribute to this project, please contact the coordinators or the GPE mailinglist.

The application is considered to be stable and is maintained actively. The source code can be found in SVN, module base/gpe-contacts.

Distributions known to ship GPE-Contacts are:

GPE-Contacts is distributed under the GPL.


Apart from the scalable user interface GPE-Contacts makes use of a very flexible database design provided by libcontactsdb. The fields a contact consists of can be modified by an XML description without modifications to the application itself. Major parts of the user interface can be controlled by a keyboard (if present). The import of vCard files is possible from the command line and from the graphical user interface.

Project History
  • Started 2001 by Tom Vogt
  • Developed and maintained by Philip Blundell since 2002
  • Developed by Florian Boor since 2002