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Architecture - how things play together

This depiction of GPE's architecture should provide a basic impression of how the various software components play.

This architecture is not static and it is possible to extend it for special needs or to reduce it in the case that some parts are not used on a particular hardware platform.

See the Wiki page GpeThingsToDo for a list of things that particularly need attention.


Component Description Documentation
Application Manager An application launcher and desktop.
GPE-Contacts Contacts Manager
GPE-Calendar The calendar application
GPE-Edit A simple text editor application.
GPE-Filemanager A file manager application with MIME types and remote access support.
GPE-Gallery Small and easy to use image viewer.
GPE Games A small collection of tiny games.
GPE-NMF An easy to use media player. (not really maintained)
Starling An easy to use audio player. (New - SoC 2006)
GPE-Mini-Browser A compact web browser application.
GPE-Sketchbook Create notes and sketches.
GPE-Soundbite A voice memo tool.
GPE-Today A daily summary. (not really maintained)
GPE-ToDo A task list manager.
GPE-Timesheet Track time spend on tasks.


Component Description Documentation
GPE-Clock An alarm clock applet
GPE-Aerial Wireless connectivity tool
GPE-Beam IrDa file transfer tool.
GPE-Bluetooth Bluetooth connectivity tool.
GPE-Conf The suite of configuration GUI tools. See link collection at the documentation page.
GPE-Helpviewer Help browser.
GPE-Login Multi user login and session manager.
Minilite A backlight level control applet.
GPE-Mininet Network connectivity monitor.
GPE-Mixer Audio mixer frontend.
GPE-Package A package manager (IPKG) GUI.
GPE-SCAP Nice screenshot utility.
GPE-Shield Desktop / PDA firewall configurator.
GPE-SU Executes applications with root privileges.
GPE-Taskmanager Manages running applications.
GPE-What A small applet to provide help.
GPE-Watch Its a watch if you have a small screen... and a clock if you have a bigger one :-)

Base software/libraries

Component Description Documentation
GTK GTK+ widget toolkit (not part of GPE) API Reference(s) Tutorial
SQLite SQLite database engine (not part of GPE) 2.x API Reference Supported SQL Language
X11 X window system (not part of GPE)
libgpewidget GPE base library for GUI applications API Reference
libgpepimc GPE category library API Reference
libcontactsdb GPE contacts data library backend.
libeventdb Calendar event data library backend. API Reference (needs updates)
libmimedir Mimedir data (vCard,vTodo,iCal) handling library. (not part of GPE) API Reference
libschedule An event scheduler library for AT. API Reference
gpe-confd GPE configuration settings daemon.
gpesyncd PIM data syncronisation daemon.