4.2. Building and Testing

The initial step to build an application from source is to run intltool, autoconf and automake in the correct order with the correct parameters. (Assuming you have a compiler and tools to build installed.) For information how to set up and use a development environment please read the environment chapter. The configure script generated by autogen.sh will check for the presence of the development files of the libraries the application depends on. For this purpose it uses the information from pkgconfig. If not all dependencies are found and you are not using the libraries installed to the default locations in your system (e.g. for crosscompiling) you should check the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable setting first. It needs to include "[path to your library dir]/pkgconfig". Our application checks for the presence of GTK+ libraries and libgpewidget.

After running the configure script the application may be built running make. Because almost all GPE applications will try to read its application icon from its installed location you will have to install any GPE application running make install once before testing it.

Lets take a look at the autotools setup we use for this GPE application: