3.4. GPE Websites and Resources

After all these information about how to compile GPE it might be interesting to know where to find GPE and information about it.

3.4.1. Obtaining GPE Sources

The first thing to know about GPE sources is the location of the GPE main source repository. This one is located here: http://gpe.linuxtogo.org/download/source/ It contains the release packages of all pieces of GPE. As long as there is no good reason not to do so please choose the latest version of a package if you intend to use it.

The GPE project makes use of the linuxtogo.org Subversion (SVN) to keep its sources. You can access latest sources either by using the svn command line tool or ViewCVS if you only want to take a look. If you do not have an account at linuxtogo.org you can check out GPE with anonyomous SVN access. Follow these example instructions:

        $ svn checkout svn://projects.linuxtogo.org/svn/gpe/trunk gpe_svn
For a detailed description of the contents of GPE SVN repository see the section about the SVN below. To find out more about how to use Subversion check out the manual at http://svnbook.red-bean.com/.

3.4.2. More detailed Information

Just continue reading this manual might be the best idea, but there are other sources for information available: