Chapter 1. About GPE

The GPE Palmtop Environment provides a user interface environment for palmtop/handheld computers running the GNU/Linux operating system.

GPE is an entire environment of components which make it possible to use your GNU/Linux handheld for standard tasks such as Personal Information Management (PIM), browsing the web, playing music and videos, games, etc.

In addition GPE provides an infrastructure for easy application development and good compatibility to existing desktop solutions. GPE uses the X Window System, and the GTK+ widget toolkit. Besides providing core software such as shared libraries, and perhaps more importantly, the GPE environment defines standards for program design and interaction. It is based on the C programming language and other common standards such as SQL, XML, DBUS.

GPE is committed to the Open Source idea. All GPE core components are released under GNU licenses, applications using the GPL and shared libraries using the LGPL. Those allow for the most free usability of the GPE system.