GPE Development Manual

Florian Boor

Nils Faerber

Philippe De Swert

This document is intended to become a complete reference manual for GPE application development. At the point of starting this we have various sources of information about the wisdom how to create or continue a GPE application. In the past years we have been collecting lots of experience in coding for handhelds devices - it is very important not only to share the software but the experience that lead to this software as well.

This document may be distributed under the terms and conditions of the Open Publication License, v1.0 or later. (Current version is available at ).

Table of Contents
1. About GPE
2. Basic Ideas and Concepts
3. Your Development Environment
3.1. Native Development
3.2. Local installation and test environment
3.3. Target Binaries and Cross Compiling
3.3.1. Prebuilt Toolchain
3.3.2. Scratchbox
3.3.3. Other Methods
3.4. GPE Websites and Resources
3.4.1. Obtaining GPE Sources
3.4.2. More detailed Information
3.5. Exploring the SVN repository
4. Writing Applications
4.1. A GPE Application Step by Step
4.1.1. Overview
4.1.2. Good Practices
4.1.3. Introducing the GPE Application Skeleton
4.1.4. Walking through the Code
4.2. Building and Testing
4.3. User Interfaces
4.4. Data Handling
4.5. Using GPE Services and Libraries
4.6. Distribution and Packaging
5. Debugging and Profiling
6. How to write Documentaion
6.1. User Documentation
6.2. Developer Documentation
6.2.1. Work Setup
6.2.2. Documentation in GPE Sources
7. Framework Integration
7.1. DBUS Services
7.2. Mimedir Data
7.3. MIME Types
8. Device Control and Privileged Tasks
9. Porting GPE to a new Device
9.1. Suppositions to run GPE
9.2. Platform dependencies in GPE
9.3. Building filesystem Images
10. Related Software
10.1. Software used in and with GPE
10.2. Useful Development Tools
11. The GPE Community
12. Themes
12.1. Introduction
13. Licensing
14. Configuration Files
List of Tables
4-1. Example Project Files