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Getting involved

It is easy to become a GPE developer! You can join the project at the GForge project page. Information about the mailinglists and SVN access can be found there as well.

For a list of open tasks, please take a look at the GpeThingsToDo wiki page.

Of course your own ideas are welcome too - GPE is intended to encourage people to start developing software for mobile devices and to come up with new ideas or simply porting of desktop software to these devices.

Mailing List/Usenet News

The main point of contact for the GPE project is the mailing list gpe-list@linuxtogo.org.

To subscribe to the list go to http://lists.linuxtogo.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/gpe-list and follow the instructions.

The archive of this mailinglist can be viewed here: http://projects.linuxtogo.org/pipermail/gpe-list/

You can read past articles in the old handhelds.org mailing list archive at http://handhelds.org/hypermail/gpe/current/.

The mailing list is also accessible via a bi-directional Usenet News/mailing list gateway, provided by GMANE: news://gmane.comp.handhelds.gpe. Here is a HTTP view of the newsgroup, with a search function.


GPE developers and users can be found on the #gpe-project channel in Freenode IRC network. Just try the server irc.eu.freenode.net or irc.freenode.net.

GPE around the globe

GPE team members are spread all around the globe. If you are a GPE user/developer/hacker and are headed somewhere, check here to see if there's anyone you can visit!

IRC nickReal nameLocation
philippe Philippe De Swert Tampere, Finland
luc Luc Pionchon Helsinki, Finland
elephantum Andrey Tatarinov Moscow, Russia
moray Moray Allan Edinburgh, Scotland
reenoo Rene Wagner Ganderkesee, Germany
pH5 Philipp Zabel Berlin, Germany
paul Paul Jakma Leixlip, Ireland
koen Koen Kooi Enschede, Netherlands
pb Philip Blundell Cambridge, England
grcobb Graham Cobb Oxford, England
zoot Owen Cliffe Bath, England
dc Damien Tanner London, England
mallum Matthew Allum East London, England
neal Neal Walfield Düsseldorf, Germany
nilsf Nils Faerber Netphen, Germany
florian Florian Boor Netphen, Germany
ole Ole Reinhardt Netphen, Germany
fng_sma Martin Felis Heidelberg, Germany
colin Colin Marquardt Stuttgart, Germany
pierre Pierre Tardy Clermont-Ferrand, France
unknown26 Eric Erfanian Minneapolis, USA
jsmanrique J. Manrique Gijón, Spain
jamey Jamey Hicks Cambridge, MA, USA
jg Jim Gettys Cambridge, MA, USA
wizly Màrius Montón Barcelona, Spain
bedboi Luca De Cicco Bari, Italy
mccarthy Joseph McCarthy Pittsburgh, PA, USA
ED Erez Doron Tel Aviv, Israel
mibus Robert Mibus Adelaide, Australia
spung Luís Oliveira Coimbra, Portugal

There are GPE hackers in the US, Europe, and Australia.
(There are GPE hackers in several European countries, though the most are probably in the UK.)