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About GPE

The GPE Palmtop Environment (GPE) is a collection of integrated software components optimized for (but not limited to) handheld and other input constrained and resource limited devices. GPE provides PIM (calendaring, todo management, contact management and note taking), Multimedia (audio playback and image viewing) and connectivity solutions (web browsing). Another major goal of GPE is to encourage people to work on free software for mobile devices and to experiment with new technologies. GPE in use

GPE provides an infrastructure for easy and powerful application development by building on available technology including GTK+, SQLite, DBUS and GStreamer and several more common standards defined by freedesktop.org.

GPE is committed to the Open Source idea. All GPE core components are released under GNU licenses, applications using the GPL and shared libraries using the LGPL. Those allow for the most free usability of the GPE system.

If you are interested in more details or want to get in touch with the project you maybe want to check out these links:

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project Development
mail Mailinglist
bugs Bugtracker


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